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  • APS-5 Chemiluminescence Substrate Solution (Alkaline Phosphatase)
  • APS-5 Chemiluminescence Substrate Solution (Alkaline Phosphatase)

APS-5 Chemiluminescence Substrate Solution (Alkaline Phosphatase)

Cas No. :193884-53-6


Package: 100ml, 1000ml


Product Description


APS-5 chemiluminescent substrate solution is a new generation of immunodetection chemiluminescence Optical liquid, this product is a water-based mixed solution based on APS-5 compound liquid, through the optimization of key components such as enhancers, stabilizers,and preservatives, The performance of the product has been greatly improved, and it can be  used in the action of alkaline phosphatase (ALP). Achemiluminescence reaction occurs under use, and photons are rapidly released. After adding the sample The maximum luminous value can be reached in about 2 minutes, and the plateau period lasts long. This product is in the range of ALP enzyme concentration of 10-4-10-8 U, The number of photons released is proportional to the concentration of ALP in the solution, suitable for Chemiluminescence immunodetection reagent system with ALP as labeling enzyme, with It has the advantages of fast response, high sensitivity, high stability, and high signal-to-noise ratio.


For alkaline phosphatase (Alkaline Phosphatase, ALP) as a standard Chemiluminescent  immunodetection of markers. Suitable for tube luminescence, plate luminescence, POCT chemiluminescence detection, etc. same scene.

Chemical Structure



Test Items Specifications
Description Light yellow clear liquid
Stability The Iuminescence value of 37℃ was retained above 85% after 7 days of incubation under light protection
The background value <500
Luminescence value(reaction condition of 150+5μL, enzyme dosage 0.02mU) 1860000±5%
Repeatability ≤5%

Key Features

High sensitivity, can detect 10-8 U or even lower concentration of ALP enzyme son.

The background value is low, the luminous value is high, the signal-to-noise ratio is high, and the maximum luminous value is reachedThe time is short, the ALP luminescence reaction enters the plateau phase within 2 min, and The luminescence value can remain stable for a long time

Wide linear range, ALP concentration is 5 orders of magnitude of 10-4-10-8U The luminescence values in the range are linearly related

Transportation and storage

Transportation: Ambient

Storage : Store at 2-8°C, strickly protected from light

Recommended re-test Life: 1 year

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