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  • Dextran Iron(9004-66-4)–Veterinary API

Dextran Iron(9004-66-4)

CAS No.: 9004-66-4


Product Description

New Description

Product Description

Iron Dextran is a complex of ferric hydroxide with dextran. It should be used commonly in the treatment of proven iron-deficiency anaemia, where oral therapy is ineffective or inappropriate. Iron Dextran is given through deep IM injection.

● It can use as API, add into injection water, then prepare into several specifications injection which include iron.

● It also can be a feeds additive, put this product into the fodder as an iron extender.

● The medicine grade (class CP2010) can be used into iron dextran tablet, to manufacturing the chewing tablet.

Assay of Iron Dextran Solution


5% 10% 15% 20%
Appearance Dark brown or brown-balck crystalline powder
Content of Iron(mg/ml) 47.5-52.5mg Fe/ml 95.0-105.0mg Fe/ml 142.5-157.5mg Fe/ml 190.0-210.0mg Fe/ml
PH 5.2~7.0
Chloride ≤0.5% ≤1.1% ≤1.5% ≤2.0%
Heavy mental ≤20ppm
Arsenic salt ≤4u per ml
Relative viscosity ≤5mpa.s(25°C) ≤10mpa.s(25°C) ≤20mpa.s(25°C) ≤30mpa.s(25°C)

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