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  • N-Glycan Kit

N-Glycan Kit

  • Product name: N-Glycan Kit
  • Package: 24T/kit, 96/kit
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    • Product name:N-Glycan Kit
    • Package:24T/kit, 96/kit

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    N-Glycan Kit provide fast enzymatic release, rapid labeling and highly sensitive way to analyze released N-glycans.The kit is a carbohydrate structure connected to a protein chain that affects the effectiveness and safety of antibody drugs. Glycosylation is a CQA,not only enables the glycogroup detation to have unprecedented fluroecence and mass spectrum performance, but also significantly improves the flux of N-glycorportein sample preparation.


    With 4 Modules:

    Deglycosylation Module

    Labeling Module

    Clean-up Module

    Sample Collection Module


    Fast enzymatic release and rapid labeling of N-glycans.

    Sample usage as low as 15 μg

    Fast, and highly sensitive way to analyze released N-glycans.

    Provide 24&96T different detection specifications


    Storage: Stored at -25~-15°C for 1 year

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