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  • Recombinant Trypsin–mRNA synthesis raw material
  • Recombinant Trypsin–mRNA synthesis raw material

Recombinant Trypsin

Cas No.:9002-07-7

EC. No.:

Package: 100mg, 1g, 10g, 100g

Product Detail


1.No animal origin
2.High purity
3.Better process control
4.Stable quality


Trypsin specifically cleaves C-terminal peptide bonds of lysine and arginine, which can degrade intercellular binding proteins. The amino acid sequence of the recombinant trypsin produced by Hzymes Biotech is the same as that of porcine pancreas-derived trypsin, and is produced by recombinant Escherichia coli expression. It can replace traditional extraction of trypsin for cell digestion in vaccines, stem cells, immune cell therapy, drug screening, antibodies and other fields. Aprotinin, soybean trypsin inhibitor, etc. can distinctly inhibit trypsin activity.

Recombinant trypsin has the same properties as naturally extracted trypsin. This product is manufactured in a GMP grade workshop. No animal origin raw materials are used in the fermentation, purification and final ingredients. At the same time, the production and quality control processes are validated, resulting in a high level of consistency between batches.

Chemical Structure


Unit Definition

25℃, pH 7.6, 3.2ml reaction solution(1cm light path), one trypsin unit (U) was defined as an
increase of 0.003 in the absorption value at 253nm by enzymatic hydrolysis of BAEE per minute.

Product Usage

For cell culture
• Tissue block digestion, primary cell acquisition.
• Passage digestion of adherent cells.
• Cell culture by microcarrier method.
• Gently digesting stem cells.
• Immune cell therapy, etc.

For recombinant protein

• Recombinant insulin production.
• Protein sequencing, peptide mapping.
• Specific proteolytic processes such as proteomics research


Test Items Specifications
Appearance White or off white powder
Solubility (10mg/ml) Clear colorless solution
Purity Β-trypsin ≥70%,α-trypsin ≤ 20%
Specific Activity(Powder) ≥2500U/mg
E.Coli host protein residue ≤0.01%
Endotoxins(LAL-Test) ≤20 EU/mg

Transportation and storage

Transportation: Shipped under 2-8 °C

Storage: Store at -2-8°C, after dissolved with 1mM hcl or 50nM HAC, should stored under -25~-15 °C

Recommended re-test Life: 2 year

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