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  • RNase assay kit (Fluorescence)

RNase assay kit (Fluorescence)

Cat No.:HCP0035A

Purity.: 90%

Package: 48Test, 192Test

Product Description


The RNase detection kit is based on a fluorophore-labeled RNA probe, enables researchers to measure RNase activity. When the sample does not contain RNase activity, the probe is stable and does not produce a fluorescent signal; when the sample contains RNase activity, the probe is degraded, resulting in a gradual enhanced fluorescence signal; The rate of increase in fluorescence signal is positively correlated with the number and activity of enzymes.  

Chemical Structure

Kit composition

Name 48Test 192Test
10×reaction solution 0.5mL 2.0mL
RNA probe 1tube 1tube
TE buffer 0.5mL 2.0mL
RNase A standard (10mg/mL) 10μL 20μL
Standard Dilution Buffer 6mL 12mL
DNase&RNase-free water 25mL 25mL
DNase RNase away 50mL 50mL


Test Items Specifications
Appearance Complete packing and no liquid leak
Detection limit RNase A: 0.313pg/mL
Precision Intra assay CV ≤ 10%


Transportation and storage

Transportation: Dry ice

Storage: Store at -20°C(avoid repeated freezing and thawing)

Recommended re-test Life: 1 year

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