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  • RT-LAMP Reagent (-20℃)-Molecular diagnostics
  • RT-LAMP Reagent (-20℃)-Molecular diagnostics

RT-LAMP Reagent (-20℃)

Package: 100T,1000T

Product Detail


LAMP is currently widely used technology in the field of isothermal amplification. It uses 4-6 primers that can identify 6 specific regions on the target gene, and relies on the strong strand displacement activity of Bst DNA polymerase. There are many LAMP detection methods, including the dye method, pH colorimetric method, turbidity method, HNB, calcein, etc. RT-LAMP is one type of LAMP reaction with RNA as a template. RT-LAMP Kit (UDG plus) is developed based on the fluorescence method and contains Bst DNA Polymerase, thermotolerant reverse transcriptase, murine RNase inhibitor, and UDGase. This LAMP kit has high sensitivity, good primer applicability, and excellent performance in specificity, tolerance, and stability.






100 μL

1 mL

1) Bst Buffer contains dN(U)TP and SYTO-9, etc., and 1×Bst Buffer already contains 8 mmol/L Mg2+;

2) Bst Enzyme Mix (UDG plus) contains UDGase, Reverse Transcriptase, Bst Ⅱ Polymerase, MRI;


LAMP reactions

Shipping and Storage

Transportation: Ice packs

Storage Conditions: Store at -20℃

Shief life: 6 months


For your safety and health, please wear lab coats and disposable gloves for operation.

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