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  • Doxy  Hyclate(24390-14-5)

Doxy Hyclate(24390-14-5)

CAS No.: 24390-14-5

EINECS No.: 444.4346

MF: C22H24N2O8

Product Description

New Description

Product Description

Doxycycline Hcl is antibacterial spectrum is very close to Tetracycline and Terramycin, but it has better effect, be sensitive to the Staphylococcus Aureus of tetracycline-resistant, oxytetracycline, long lasting time.It is often used in Senile Chronic Bronchitis, respiratory tract infection, lung infection, acute tonsillitis, mycoplasma pneumonia, urinary tract infection, blood poisoning, bacillary dysentery, acute lymphadenitis, etc. It is very popular to Nephropathy patient because of its unobvious poisoning for kidney.

Items Specifications Results
Appearance Yellow crystalline powder Conforms
Identification TLC Conforms
sulphuric acid reaction a yellow colour develops Conforms
it gives reaction of chlorides Conforms
PH 2.0~3.0 2.3
Specific absorbance at 349nm e(1%) 300~355 320
Specific optical rotation -105 ~ -120° -110°
Heavy metals: ≤50ppm < 20ppm
Light-absorbing impurities at 490nm ≤0.07 0.03
Related substances 6-epidoxycycline ≤2.0%metacycline ≤2.0%4-epidoxycycline ≤0.5% (ep5)4-epi-6-epidoxycycline ≤0.5% (ep5)oxytetracycline ≤0.5% (ep5)any other impurity ≤0.5%not identified impurities ≤0.1% (ep5) 1.6%0.1%Not foundNot foundNot foundNot foundNot found
Ethanol 4.3~6.0% (m/m) 4.5%
Sulphated ash ≤0.4% 0.05%
Water 1.4~2.8% 1.8%
Assay 95.0~102.0% ( c22h25cln2o8)based on anhydrous, ethanol-free substance 98.6%
Conclusion Conform with USP32

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