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  • dNTP mix(25mM each/10mM each)
  • dNTP mix(25mM each/10mM each)

dNTP mix(25mM each/10mM each)

Grade: NGS, Ultrapure

Package: 1mL, 5mL, 100mL

Product Detail


This product is colorless liquid solution,dNTP Mix is a premixed solution of dATP, dCTP, dGTP and dTTP, each with a concentration of 100 mmol/L,suitable for various conventional molecular biology experiments such as PCR amplification, real-time PCR, cDNA or common DNAsynthesis, DNA sequencing and labeling. It can be diluted with ultra-pure water, and adjusted to pH 7.0 with high-purity NaOH solution, with purity ≥ 99% (HPLC). After detection, it does not contain DNase, RNase and phosphotase. It can be directly used in various conventional molecular biological reactions such as PCR.


Test items Specifications
Appearance Clear colorless solution
Concentration 25mM each/10mM each
Purity (HPLC) ≥99%
PH(22-25°C) 7.0±0.5
Qulity ControlThis preparation is free of DNase contamination

This lot of dNTP has been performance tested with Taq DNA polymerase and Pfu DNA polymerase

This lot of d NTP has performance tested with Q-PCR


Long range PCR (20 kb)

cDNA synthesis and RT-PCR

Real-time PCR

Standard PCR

High fidelity PCR

Shipping and Storage

Transportation: Ice packs

Storage Conditions: Store at -25~-15℃

Recommended re-test date: 2 years

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