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  • Nicotinamide/Vitamin B3 (98-92-0)

Nicotinamide/Vitamin B3 (98-92-0)

CAS No.: 98-92-0

EINECS No.: 122.1246


Product Description

New Description

Product Description

● CAS No.: 98-92-0

● EINECS No.: 122.1246

● MF: C6H6N2O

● Package: 25Kg/Drum

● Nicotinamide is an amide compound of nicotinic acid. White crystalline powder; odorless or almost odorless, bitter taste; slightly hygroscopic. Soluble in water or ethanol, soluble in glycerol. It is mainly used in the prevention and treatment of pellagra, stomatitis, glossitis, sick sinus syndrome.

Characteristics White crystalline powder White crystalline powder
Identfication Complies Complies
Melting range 128-131℃ 129-130℃
Loss on drying Loses not more than 0.5% 0.10%
Residue on ignition Not more than 0.1% Complies
Heavy metals Not more than 0.003% Complies
Readily carbonizable Not more color than Matching Fluid A Complies
Assay 98.5%-101.5% 99.50%

Function of Vitamin B3 Nicotinamide

● The proper digestion and absorption of protein and fat;

● To help in the essential amion acid tryptophan is converted to nicotinic acid;

● To prevent all kinds of nerves, skin diseases;

● Alleviate vomiting;

● Promote the nucleic acid Syn-th-esis, to prevent the aging of tissues and organs;

● Lower the result of taking antidepressants caused by dry mouth and dysuria

● Slow night muscle spasms, cramps paralysis and other symptoms of hand,foot and neuritis;

● Is the natural the diuretic.

● Treatment of congenital hypofunction of metabolism;

● Prevent and treat vitamin B6 deficiency;

● Supplement to patients who need to consume more vitamin B6;

● Treatment of carpal tunnel syn-drome.

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